August 26, 2003

All That Jazz

On Saturday, I went to Silverwood theme park with Rachel's family. The best part of the trip was attending the "Silver Fantasy on Ice" show. It was phenomenal. The highlight of the show was Christian Hendricks, two-time U.S. Freestyle gold medalist, who dazzled us with two backflips in each show. Hendricks has performed in Broadway on Ice, and Rachel and I attended a flawless six o'clock show, and we were so impressed that we brought her family back for the eight o'clock show, which had a few flaws but was still very good. International champion Nadia Kova Sharp of Russia also did an outstanding performance to "All that Jazz" from the musical Chicago.

Rob Ness and Laurie Welch Heath, partner gold-medalists, were quite impressive with their partner stunts.

The other male skater was probably the best natural skater, but he was a bit too flaming for me, shaking his booty in a tight red shirt, metal jingling from his ears. He's won himself a gold-medal, but he didn't have the heart of Christian Hendricks or Nadia Kova Sharp.

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